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⇪Mobile users must be well aware of the screen locks and third-party application locks that make WhatsApp a secure instant messaging application. GBWhatsApp designer have come up with a brand new feature that has not been found on other instant messaging applications or their modifications. This is a feature based on protecting the privacy and security of the user by offering the user a specific lock option for each WhatsApp chat log.♡

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◖Similarly, in the original WhatsApp, there is a limit on the size of files that can be sent. This leaves users scratching their heads, as files that cannot be sent have to be switched to other communication channels, which is a hassle and a waste of time. Click the GB WhatsApp Pro APK download button to replace WhatsApp, then you can send large files to any of your contacts without the hassle of having to re-contact them to change the sending channel.✏

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※Also, you don't need to make any changes to your device because installing GB Instagram doesn't require rooting. We all know it's more dangerous to let your phone take root. What you have to do is have an Android device to download GB Instagram. If you want to have more interesting and exciting features and experience a different social media platform, GB Instagram is the best choice for you.ⅶ

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